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Rig inspection, drill pipe, tubular, and casing inspection from Kamit Group (KAMIT) – identifies defects before they cause serious damage, assures smooth operation and reduces financial risks.

  • Monitor the condition of your rig, drill pipe, tubular, and casing equipment
  • Detect and locate internal and external, corrosion, pitting, cuts, gouges, wall loss, and fatigue cracks before they result in severe damage
  • Ensure the operational integrity of your rigs, pipes and oilfield casings and comply with the latest regulations and standards
  • Manage safety cost-effectively through comprehensive inspection and risk ranking
  • Deploy the most appropriate action for damage that cannot be detected in advance
  • Predict and avoid potential failures
  • Drill pipe inspection/tubular and casing inspection
  • Mobile hard banding
  • Rig Inspection & Auditing Services
  • Drilling Equipment Inspection & Auditing Services
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection & Auditing Services